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Dagestan (Russia)


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Flag of Dagestan image by Tomislav Šipek, 11 December 2019

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Presentation of Dagestan

(Note: You need an Unicode-aware software and font to correctly view the Cyrillic text on this page. See here transliteration details).

  • Name (English): Dagestan • (Russian, short form): Дагестан | Dagestan • (Russian, long form): Республика Дагестан | Respublika Dagestan
  • Local official language: 35 (see Dagestan’s ethnic flags page)
  • Capital (Russian): Махачкала | Maqaĉkala • (English): Makhachkala • (former name): Petrovsk-Port | Петровск-Порт (1857-1922)
  • Area: 51 300 km2 (~19 800 sq. mi.) • Population: 2 166 400 inhabitants in 2000
  • Status: Republic (Республика | Respublika) within the Russian Federation
  • Federal District: Northern Caucasus • Economic region: Northern Caucasus
  • License plate code: 05 (in the Soviet era: ДА | DA) • Ham radio code: DA • ISO 3166-2 code: DA
  • Flag adopted on 1994.02.26 • Coat of arms adopted on 1994.10.20

This territory, which is roughly the same size as the independent states of Armenia and Georgia, was turbulent throughout Tsarist times due to the opposition of its mainly Islamic inhabitants to Christian rule. The Soviets created the Dagestan ASSR in 1920.
Stuart Notholt

Description of the flag

The 2003 flag was modified from 1:2 to 2:3 dimensions and blue stripe is now darker.
Tomislav Šipek, 11 December 2019

President's flag

President's flag of Dagestan António Martins-Tuválkin, 12 Apr 2007

In magazine "Russian Federation Today" 4(62)/2006 on page 4 is photo of the President of the Republic of Dagestan Mr. Mukhu Aliev with Standard of the President of the Russian Federation and Standard of the President of the Republic of Dagestan.
Mikhail Revnivtsev, 16 Aug 2006

This implies some interesting possibilities:

  1. That the background of the emblem is probably meant to be transparent (i.e., no background), showing white on a blank page but blue when placed on the middle stripe of the Dagestan flag.
  2. That the size of the emblem on the presidential flag is therefore smaller than the state flags reported below, covering only the middle stripe (Mikhail's image seems to confirm this).
  3. That this design is indeed the Presidential flag of Dagestan (as already reported on list).
  4. That, following the 2003 change in legal prescriptions (from light blue goluboi~ to blue sinnii~, as reported by Antonio Gutierrez on 2006.06.25, 16:24) for the Dagestan flag, these two flag's middle stripe, Russian federal and Dagestan republic, are used in the same shade of blue; validity added by this being such a an official situation as the meeting of the respective Presidents.
António Martins-Tuválkin, 16 Aug 2006

On a second thought, the photo forwarded by Mikhail seems to imply that this presidential flag is (like almost all others at this page) is square or squarish.
António Martins-Tuválkin, 12 Apr 2007

State flag?

State flag of Dagestan?

At is this wonderful flag.
Jarig Bakker, 15 Oct 1998

I don’t know this flag but it is the coat of arms [see image by Pascal Gross] of the republic which appear in the middle.
Pascal Vagnat, 15 Oct 1998

Could it be a sort of Dagestan state flag? The background is the Dagestan flag as we know it…
Jorge Candeias, 15 Oct 1998

Independentist flag

Three days ago I received info about the flag of the Islamic republic of Dagestan, led by emir Shamil Basaev. The flag is, of course, green. In center has an emblem (like a signature or stylized inscription), and below an Islamic inscription. I’m trying to translate the inscription and the signature from Caucasian sources. The drawing will are available in my next Bulletin.
Jaume Ollé, 15 Aug 1999

Flag of 1994-2003 (1:2 ratio)

Flag of Dagestan image by António Martins, 06 Oct 1999

The official state flag of Dagestan has three horizontal stripes — green, light blue and red (1:2). It was adopted at 26th February 1994.
Michael Simakov, 30 Jun 1998

Flag of 1992-1993

1992 Flag of Dagestan image by António Martins, 16 Feb 2001

Dagestan used the RSFSR flag but with the letters DSSR, before it introduced the flag now in use.
Ralf Stelter, 27 Jun 1999

Fictional flags of 1993-1994

Thick stripes

1993 Flag of Dagestan image by António Martins, 18 May 1999

This flag was reported in use between 10 June 1993 and 27 February 1994. The previous flag (green, blue, red) was restored 27 February 1994. The current flag was in use in 1992 when the soviet Nationalities made a meeting in Moscow.
Jaume Ollé, 01 Jul 1998

I doubt if the yellow-blue flag was ever in use officially.
Ralf Stelter, 27 Jun 1999

Dagestan flags other than the green-blue-red flag, namely that with yellow-blue-yellow-blue horizontal stripes, approx.: 3:2:1:2, published by vexillological bulletins [Flagmaster, Emblèmes et Pavillons, Gaceta de Banderas] based on information by O. I. Tarnovsky, had never been used in Dagestan.
Mario Fabretto, 01 Jul 1998, after [brz9X]

This flag is fictional.
Ben Cahoon, 19 November 2020

Thin stripes

1993 Flag of Dagestan image by Ivan Sache, 15 Sep 1999

This flag is listed under number 102 at the chart Flags of Aspirant Peoples [eba94] as: «Dagestan - North Caucasus, Russia». With thinner medium blue stripes (ca. 1/12th of the hoist).
Ivan Sache, 15 Sep 1999

Is any particular reason or reasons why those flag design pattern are that similar to each other?

Nozomi Kariyasu, 27 Jan 2000

This flag is fictional.
Ben Cahoon, 19 November 2020