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Siberia (traditional region, Russia)


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Presentation of Siberia

"Siberia" usually refers to the asian part of Russia, sensu strictu not including the Russian Far-East, on the pacific rim. Currently the russian government somewhat recognizes Siberia as two of the level “economic regions”, in which the first order divisions are aggregated: Western Siberia is made up of Altay, Altay Territory, Kemerovo Region, Novosibirsk Region, Omsk Region, Tomsk Region and Tyumen Region (including Yugra and Yamal); while Eastern Siberia is made up of Buriatia, Chita Region (including Agin Buriatia), Irkutsk Region (including Ust-Ord Buriatia) Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk Territory (including Evenkia and Taymyr) and Tuva. The Far East economic region, also a part of Siberia (sensu lato), is made up of Amur Territory, Chukotka, Jewish Autonomous Region, Kamchatka Region (including Koryakia), Khabarovsk Territory, Magadan Region, Maritime Territory, Sakhalina Territory and Yakutia.
António Martins, 11 Dez 1998

The unofficial flags of Siberia

Diagonal bicolor

Siberian flag image by António Martins-Tuválkin, 18 Jan 2009

White and green are the traditional Siberian colours since approx. 1918
Victor Lomantsov, 11 Apr 2000

Various official republics within the Siberian region, as well as a number of unofficial groupings, have adopted flags in the traditional Siberian colours of white over green. This colour combination forms the basis of a distinctive “family” of flags, just as red, white and blue stripes are associated with the Slavs and red, green, yellow and/or black form the pan-African colours. In its “pure” form, the white over green flag is used by separatists. The colours stand for the the snows and the taiga (forests) of Siberia and are believed to date back to 1865.
Stuart Notholt, 13 Oct 1995

On our Siberian page, we have a wrong order of the triangles of the 1917 flag of Siberia (Victor Lomantsov's page has it right with the description of the flag given by the deputy Kazantsev to the Conference of Siberian Civic Organizations in August of 1917) Another source for that description is at: and another yet at:
Chrystian Kretowicz, 17 Jan 2009

it is green over white, descending diagonal
António Martins-Tuválkin, 18 Jan 2009

Flags used by Siberian autonomists were 1917-1918:
28 Oct 1917 - 4 Nov 1918 Siberian diagonal W-G bicolor
14 Feb 1918 - 26 May 1918 Central Executive Committee of Soviets of Siberia "Tsentrosibir" plain red flag
26 May 1918 - 4 Nov 1918 alternate flag (as used by Siberian troops) horizontal bicolor green-white
Western Siberia rebellion: 1921 Tobolsk federation (one of several flags) horizontal bicolor red-green
Janis Lasmanis / Ben Cahoon, 20 January 2019

Horizontal bicolor

Siberian flag image by Ben Cahoon, 19 January 2019

This is less known and less used flag, than diagonal white-green.
Wadim Kiva, 20 Nov 1999

This flag was flown briefly (1917-18) by the autonomous government of Siberia.
Stuart Notholt, 13 Oct 1995

This alternate Siberian flag was used by Siberian military units 26 May - 4 Nov. 1918.
Janis Lasmanis / Ben Cahoon, 19 January 2019

Horizontal bicolor with Tiger

Siberian flag with Tiger image by Chrystian Kretowicz, 17 Jan 2009

An interesting (IMVHO) flag displayed during the demonstration in Irkutsk in July 2008. For several years now these demonstrations take place in Irkutsk, Omsk, Tomsk and other Siberian cities to commemorate the Day of Independence of Siberia. It refers to the Declaration of Independence promulgated on 17th of July, 1918 (4th of July according to the Julian calendar in use in Russia of that time) by the Provisional Government of Autonomous Siberia (Временное правительство автономной Сибири) in Omsk under the leadership of Pyotr Vasilyevich Vologodskiy (Пётр Васильевич Вологодский).

The flag shows a snow tiger carrying a sable in its teeth on the white band of the white over green horizontal bi-color. The charge like that is included in the old coat of arms of Irkutsk of 1790 and the seal of 1690.
Chrystian Kretowicz, 17 Jan 2009

United States of Northern Asia

Flag of Northern Asia image by Željko Heimer

An unofficial grouping, the United States of Northern Asia uses the same flag, but with the addition of five blue stars.
Stuart Notholt, 13 Oct 1995

This flag, with medium blue stars, is listed under number 129 at the chart Flags of Aspirant Peoples [eba94] as: "United States of North Asia - Siberia".
Ivan Sache, 15 Sep 1999