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Puerto Rico - Subdivisions

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I located a site with all Puerto Rico municipal flags and CoA's. Go to , and choose one by one......
There is also a clickable map of the PR cities at
Dov Gutterman , 29 December 1998

what are the proportions of Puertorican flags ? The National flag undoubtedly is 2:3, and so are (or seem to be) all images of city flags in the Lexjuris site, but in one of the official texts, they say "regulation dimensions" and add (3' x 5')... If anybody knows for sure that there is a "right" proportion and that this is 3:5, please let us know. (Other texts from the same site imply that all PR flags have the same proportions...)
Thanh-Tâm Le' , 12 January 1999

In the CIA World Fact Book 1996-97 it is written: Administrative divisions: none (commonwealth associated with the US); note - there are 78 municipalities. On the Lexjuris site there is a clickable map of those 78 pueblos.
In Hammonds World Atlas (1988) the map of Puerto Rico has 8 districts (Aguadilla, Arecibo, Bayamo'n, Guayama, Humacao, Mayahu"ez, Ponce and San Juan (Vieques and Culebra isls apparently belong to Humacao district).
Jarig Bakker , 27 January 2000

I have in my archives a map showing the 8 districts , on this map it looks as if those islands belong to the Carolina District. Also, if I look at more recent maps, it looks as if some new municipalities may have been created out of the municipalities around (San Juan) the Bayamo'n district.(i.e Catano,Coa Baja and Crujillo)
Franc Van Diest, 27 January 2000

I assume that the division in 78 municipio now is (nearly) official - from: (a newer edition of the CIA-World Fact Book): Administrative divisions: none (commonwealth associated with the US);
there are no first-order administrative divisions as defined by the US Government, but there are 78 municipalities (municipios, singular-municipio) . In this list is Catano; Coa Baja = Toa Baja ? Crujillo = Trujillo Alto?
Jarig Bakker , 27 January 2000

The Lexjuris site and the Pueblos de Puerto Rico site have many errors in the drawings of their flags, but the descriptions are apparently correct because they agree with other official sources. This is obvious by the many versions that has appeared in FOTW. The most common error is unknowingly presenting the flag upside down, so inverting the colors in the vertical direction -we may see this in Barranquitas , Hatillo, and San Germán-or left-to-right inversion as in Toa Baja and in some versions of Adjuntas , that by the way is purple over green. The flag of Humacao consists of three stripes with the middle one narrower: colors are yellow/red/green; not yellow/blue/green. The upper stripe of Rincón is orange, although it looks like red (this flag should have nine stars and not eleven, as noted by Mr. Le’. The flag of Moca, which is almost identical, is the one with eleven stars.) The city badges in the middle of the flags of Ponce and Vieques are incorrectly depicted. The flag of Orocovis does not match the true dimensions presented in the flag description. The flag of Caguas changed two years ago. You have depicted it correctly, but I have a better drawing (I live in Caguas.) I am really amazed how the official site of the government of Puerto Rico has followed this two identical sites in continuing the same errors. Regarding the flags presented in FOTW, the colors gold and silver of the city seals, from which many flags arise, are represented as yellow and white in the flags, not golden as Mr. Le’ has drawn them -although they look better the way he did it. (The one exception is the new flag of Caguas, redrawn following the true specifications of the Municipal Assembly Law that created it.) They will not surprise me if they equally accept his versions. There are so many inconsistencies in the drawings of the flags as they are in the political situation of our Island. The flag of Arecibo in FOTW is the older version of dark blue to the right, and yellow with the blue diamonds to the left. In the present version all the flag is yellow with the diamonds in the right field and the city seal in the left field. The flag of Arroyo is very badly drawn, being orange over black with the seal in the middle (not the one depicted). Also, some color tones are not the correct ones.
Blas Delgado , 6 February 2000

The island municipalities of Vieques and Culebra belong now to the district of Carolina. They previously belonged to Humacao . Every now and then, mainly following every decade census ordered by US Federal Law, our Legislature also makes an electoral redistribution that has a significant impact at the general elections, held every four years.

This is almost always accompanied by a redrawing of the district’s boundaries, in the spirit of keeping a proportional representation of members at the governing bodies. Therefore, some municipalities are periodically jumping from one district to another, and the district map has to redrawn again. San Juan, our Capital City, is the only city-district.
Blas Delgado, 4 March 2000

To see Blas Delgado magnificent collection of Puerto Rico municipalities flags click here (Warning - 110 Kb)

Puerto Rico Municipalities

Uninhabited Island

Antonio Martins and Jarig Bakker , 27 January 2000