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Indonesian Shipping Flags

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Admiral Lines P.T.

[Admiral Lines P.T.] image by Ivan Sache, 4 May 2012

Josef Nuesse shows the flag of Admiral Lines P.T., a Jakarta-based company, as white with a red border and the blue letters "AL" in the middle.
Ivan Sache, 4 May 2012

Angkutan Pertambangai P.T., Jakarta

[Angkutan Pertambangai P.T.] by Jarig Bakker 2 November 2005

Per flydiagonal blue over white; in top hoist white "A", in bottom fly blue "P".
Source: Loughran (1995)

Jarig Bakker, 2 November 2005

Bahana Utama Line

[Indobaruna Bulk Transport Shipping Lines] image by Eugene Ipavec, 30 June 2009

PT Bahana Utama Line or BUL, member of the Dwima Group, is an Indonesian shipping company based at Jakarta. Website (in English), sporting a drawing of the house flag:
Founded in 1972, the initial concern was exportation of timber by ship. Further developments concerned agencies, chartering and brokerage. Current long-term contracts include transporting fertilizer, cooperation with Wan Hai and Yang Ming in the field of container handling, and diversification towards road transportation, forwarding, and warehousing. We also learn that, in spite of slackening business, BUL hopes to become a cargo operator needing a larger fleet and to establish itself as an important multimodal logistics company. Meanwhile an overview of important agencies and branches is offered here: Besides chartered vessels BUL operates thirteen ships, eight of which transport timber; also carried are fertilizer and containers (each two ships), and chemicals (one). For an impressive number of branch offices and subsidiaries, see the site’s left menu.

The flag is a red field bearing large white initials “BUL” without serifs. I suspect the initials are placed on a straight line (i.e. not staggered) and the funnel, as shown on Shipspotting, seems to bear this out:
Jan Mertens, 29 June 2009

Bahtera Adhiguna

[Bahtera Adhiguna Shipping Lines] image by António Martins-Tuválkin, 21 November 2010

State-owned Bahtera Adhiguna, an Indonesian maritime company established at Jakarta, presents itself:

“In 1961, the government of (...) Indonesia nationalized the Dutch Company named NV Nederlandsch-Indische Steenkolen Handel-Maatschappij (NV. NISHM), and established a new company PN Menunda Kapal Tundabara whose core business was coal shipping and towing services, and in 1966 [this name] was changed into PN Bahtera Adhiguna.

In 1971, based on the Government’s Regulation, PN Bahtera Adhiguna was reorganisized into PT Bahtera Adhiguna (Persero). Since incorporated, the business activities are bulk and general cargo carrier, log carrier, shipping agency, sea forwarding (...), cargo loading-unloading, ship repair and docking (ship maintenance), and other services related to sea transportation and agencies.

In 1985, the company established a subsidiary company with special services of cargo loading-unloading activities, named PT Adhiguna Putera.”

The company states that it owns two barges, two tugboats, and four cargo vessels one of which is self-unloading. Shown as a drawing on the website, the house flag contains the national colours and is diagonally divided: red (hoist, fly) and white (top, bottom). No photo was found. The funnel shows the same design:
Jan Mertens, 26 October 2009

Indobaruna Bulk Transport

[Indobaruna Bulk Transport Shipping Lines] by Jarig Bakker, 12 February 2006

Indobaruna Bulk Transport, Jakarta - blue flag, white diamond, red "IBT".
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

P.T. Agus Suta Line

[P.T. Agus Suta Line] image by Eugene Ipavec, January 2010

Yellow field, company initials "ASL" placed together to for the silhouette of a ship: "A" and "L" green, "S" yellow (brown holding lines at top and bottom). Moreover the "A" is pierced white (why not yellow?). Not counting the holding lines, which could (or should, I could say) be green, this then is apparently a three-coloured flag whereas the initials together resemble an approaching ship.
PT Agus Suta Line (ASL Group) are established at Samarinda, East Kalimantan (Borneo).
Jan Mertens, 4 January 2010

Quoting from the company website (edited):
"PT. Agus Suta Line is an Indonesian registered shipping company (...) established by Mr. H. Suta Wijaya & Mr. Agus Sudimen in 1988. PT. Agus Suta Line owns & operates accommodation (crane-equipped) barges, tug boats, anchor handling tugs, landing craft, and hopper barge. Also we have a docking yard for ship repairing. (...) PT. Agus Suta Line's main activity (is) chartering vessels to oil & gas companies."

Unfortunately many sections (left menu) do not offer much information. On the other hand it is interesting to see how detailed the barge descriptions ('Our vessels') are, real workhorses with living space for personnel.
Jan Mertens, 5 January 2010

The hole of the 'A' is coloured white, to give the impression of a reflection off the round bow of the ship. All the shapes are outlined; it's just that between the yellow S and the yellow background the outline is more noticeable. A real flag probably won't have its outlined sketched in in dark brown, though, so what colour a real flag might have for the outline remains unanswered.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 1 July 2010

P.T. Arpeni Pratama Ocean Line, Jakarta

[P.T. Arpeni Pratama Ocean Line] by Jarig Bakker 2 November 2005

Spanish-style RBR; in center white cluttering of letters (serifed APL?).
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker, 2 November 2005

P.T. Bahari Haluan Samudera

[P.T. Bahari Haluan Samudera] by Jorge Candeias

Horizontally striped in blue-white-blue-white-blue, in proportions approximately 2:3:1:3:2 with the initials "BHS" along the center, over the central blue stripe and part of the white ones, in dark red.
Jorge Candeias, 23 March 1999

P.T. Berlian Lahu Tanker, Jakarta

[P.T. Berlian Lahu Tanker] by Jarig Bakker 2 November 2005

Red flag, blue diamond, white "BLT".
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker, 2 November 2005

See also: GBLT Shipmanagement (UK) Ltd.

P.T. Djakarta Lloyd

[P.T. Djakarta Lloyd] by Ivan Sache

PT Djakarta Lloyd (Jakarta, Indonesia) - red-white-red with red DL -   I was wondering about the use of the "Lloyd" and is this the reason for using the red-white-red flag?
Dov Gutterman
, 15 October 2003

I think that there may be some relationship with Nedlloyd, formerly Rotterdamsche Lloyd, which had a flag chequy red and white with a blue block in the center. Djakarta Lloyd's flag is red-white-red with red letters DL in the center of the white stripe (the blue color may have been removed to associate it more with the Indonesian flag (and less with the Dutch one)). But that's only a guess.
Jarig Bakker, 16 October 2003

P.T. Freight Liner Indonesia

[P.T. Freight Liner Indonesia] image by Eugene Ipavec, 24 April 2009

PT Freight Liner Indonesia is a shipping agency with headquarters at Jakarta, Indonesia. Website (in English): Among the company’s activities are ship agencies, stevedoring, project handling and logistics services; also offered are chartering and ship management. Explicitly mentioned are Freight Liner’s ties with Ethiopian Shipping Lines and Perkapalan Dai Zhun Lines of Malaysia. Local offices – eight in all – include Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, etc.

Shown on the website header is a gently waving flagoid (no photos found yet): fifteen horizontal stripes blue-white etc. with large red initials “FLI”, without serifs and fimbriated white, over all (or to put it differently, encroaching upon all) but the uppermost and lowermost stripes. In the absence of a photo (if only of a table flag) it is impossible to say whether the white stripes are meant to be as wide as the blue ones: in the drawing this seems not to be the case.
Jan Mertens, 24 April 2009

PT Lautan Indah Makmur

[P.T. Freight Liner Indonesia]   [P.T. Freight Liner Indonesia] images located by Jan Mertens, 17 May 2009

‘PT Lautan Indah Makmur’ is an Indonesian maritime company established at Batam. As explained here, this firm provides port agency services and crew management: This directory page shows a red flag(oid) bearing large white initials “LIM” (no serifs). The company website (in English) provides more information of course but also shows a different flag drawing – black letters “PT.LIM” (no serifs) on a red field:

Presenting themselves:: “LIM SHIPPING [is] amongst the Nationals fastest growing shipping company, with several transportation vessels mainly tug and barges [to] support (...) Indonesia’s shipping fleet. Developing steadily to become one of the (...) largest owners/operators of Tug and Barges as well as offshore services vessels, to support service oil and gas business...” (One vessel, tugboat ‘Minggu’, is listed and described.) We also learn that the firm was founded in 2000, commencing business with one barge and a wooden tug but profited from the government’s economic stimuli in aid of Batam Island. Further services provided include towage, technical support, and a vessel management information system.

The second flag(oid) version is less readable and not so well drawn so I would not be surprised if further findings would confirm the red-and-white version (in the national colours, too.
Jan Mertens, 17 May 2009

PT Mentari Sejati Perkasa

[P.T. Freight Liner Indonesia]image located by Jan Mertens, 3 May 2009

PT Mentari Sejati Perkasa or Ocean Shipping Co. is an Indonesian shipping, warehousing and distribution company established at Surabaya, Java. It was founded in 1996 in the break bulk shipping business switching to containers in 2001. Since then stevedoring (2003) and logistic services (2004) were added.  Website (English version): Regular container service is maintained between on runs linking Jakarta, Surabaya, Ternate, Makassar, and other places. Eight ships are owned or operated the names of which all start with ‘Mentari’.

Shown on the site banner (and on the trucks and containers) is a flagoid: horizontally divided light blue-white-light blue, company initials in red ‘MSP’ in the white stripe. The real thing I believe may be seen (with a little help from the focus function) on this Shipspotting photo: If the photo really shows the house flag – dark blue stripes, there – then the flag image on the site (and trucks and containers) is only an approximation.
Jan Mertens, 3 May 2009

P.T. Nusantara Bahari

[P.T. Nusantara Bahari Shipping Lines] by Jarig Bakker, 12 February 2006

P.T. Nusantara Bahari, Jakarta - verical RWR flag; in center black "B".
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

P.T. Pelayaran Meratus

[P.T. Pelayaran Meratus Shipping Lines] image located by Jan Mertens, 9 June 2009

When accessing PT Pelayaran Meratus’s website (in English) we may be forgiven for thinking that the logo which appears would be appearing on the house flag:, but what I found is altogether more traditional – an initial on a diamond! The logo of this Indonesian, Surabaya based shipping company consists of four red stylized, lower case initials ‘m’ placed in a square, all of them with the top inwards. The diamond flag appears on as a drawing: red field with white diamond (touching the flag’s edges) bearing a large red initial ‘M’, apparently without serifs – the national colours.
This Shipspotting photo by Ivan Meshkov (22 Jun 2008) shows the house flag conveniently near a funnel with a similar design:

Founded in 1957 operating one rice-carrying ship on a local run, Meratus now owns over thirty container and bulk ships. According to the site “in 1990 after the deregulation in the inter-island shipping, Meratus Line became the first shipping line in Indonesia to offer customers a fully containerized inter-island service”. ‘Mitra Intertrans Forwarding’ or MIF is an owned logistics company offering its services nationally, supplementing seaborne transportation.
Jan Mertens, 9 June 2009

 P.T. Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia

[P.T. Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia] by Ivan Sache

The flag of P.T. Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (The National Indonesian Shipping Company), in short Pelni, is quartered red and white with a white star in the middle of the first quarter. The company is incorporated in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. The colours of the flag are evidently taken from the national flag.
Source: Pelni website
Ivan Sache
, 10 December 2003

P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Nusantara (Panurjwan)

[P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Nusantara (Panurjwan) Shipping Lines] by Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Nusantara (Panurjwan), Jakarta - horizontal 5 stripes of red and white; black "PNP".
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera Gesuri Lloyd

[P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera Gesuri Lloyd Shipping Lines] by Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

Gesuri Lloyd (P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera Gesuri Lloyd), Jakarta - White flag, red stylized "GL".
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

Shipping line home page:

P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera Indonesia

[P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera Indonesia Line] by Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera Indonesia, Jakarta - horizontal 5 stripes of red and white, black "S".
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera "Karana Line"

[P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera Karana Line] by Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

Karana Line (P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera "Karana Line"), Jakarta - white flag, blue "H".
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

P.T. Pilindo Megah Selatan "PMS" (Pacific International Lines)

[P.T. Pilindo Megah Selatan "PMS" (Pacific International Lines)] image located by Neale Rosanoski, 24 January 2006

Pacific International Lines Ltd. (Shipping Company Singapore) or Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd. as it was renamed 3.6.1971 having been formed in 1967, has used the same flag format for some of its subsidiaries/joint ventures by changing the lettering. Thus we have P.T. Pilindo Megah Selatan of Jakarta, Indonesia "PMS".
Neale Rosanoski, 23 January 2006

P.T. Porodisa Raya Shipping Lines

[P.T. Porodisa Raya Shipping Lines] by Jarig Bakker 2 November 2005

Green flag, white oval, charged with red "PL" below and above a green bent.
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker, 2 November 2005

P.T. Pupuk Sriwidjaja (PUSRI)

[P.T. Pupuk Sriwidjaja (PUSRI) house flag] by Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

P.T. Pupuk Sriwidjaja (PUSRI), Jakarta - blue flag, white diamond, in center the firm's logo.
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker, 31 January 2006

PT Taruna Kusan Jaya

[PT Taruna Kusan Jaya house flag] image by Eugene Ipavec, 27 April 2009

Indonesian, Jakarta based shipping company Taruna Kusan Jaya is specialized in heavy freight. Company website (in English):
“We own and operate several landing crafts (LCTs). These vessels enable us to load and transport various kinds of heavy freight, such as manufacturing machineries, generators and construction materials, and heavy equipments, such as excavators, cranes and articulated dump trucks, to the most remote region in Indonesia where the regular cargo ship cannot carry nor reach.” Taruna also ships explosive cargo, charters ships, acts as freight broker and offers stevedoring and insurance services.

[PT Taruna Kusan Jaya house flag] image by Eugene Ipavec, 27 April 2009

Direct link to house flag (drawing) as found on the site at Red field with white diamond (almost touching the flag’s edges) bearing a large red initial ‘T’, serifed. “New flag logo”: does this mean a new flag (version) or merely a new drawing? See: where basically the same flag is shown but with a smaller diamond.
Jan Mertens, 26 April 2009

Trikora Lloyd (P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera "Trikora Lloyd"), Jarkata

[Trikora Lloyd] by Jarig Bakker 2 November 2005

Red flag, white diamond bordered blue, charged with blue "TRIKORA".
Source: Loughran (1995)
Jarig Bakker
, 2 November 2005

[Trikora Lloyd] by Neale Rosanoski, 25 July 2009

Trikora Lloyd (P.T. Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera "Trikora Lloyd").
It appears that either Brown got this wrong or there has been a subsequent change but which gives current details of the company's activities shows the diamond not having a blue frame and the letters being in black. That the latter might be the case is supported by a funnel drawing from another source who shows the panel thereon as per this version rather that Brown. The company itself was formed in 1964, although Lloyds quotes 1967 but this latter is probably when they became ship-owners, an activity which they ceased with the sale of their last vessel in 2003. This probably explains why they now seem to be known as P.T. Trikora Lloyd (Trikora Lloyd Co. Ltd.) and have dropped the "Perusahaan Pelayaran Samudera" which equates to "Company Ocean Cruises".
Neale Rosanoski, 25 July 2009