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La España en Marcha (Ultranationalist coalition, Spain)


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Flag of LEM - Image by Ivan Sache, 24 November 2018

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Presentation of LEM

La España en Marcha (LEM) is self-styled "a patriotic political coalition based on three nationalist trends: national-syndicalism, national-catholicism and national-socialism.
LME is coordinated by four patriotic movements: the Movimiento Católico Español (MCE), La Falange (FE), Alianza Nacional (AN), and the Nudo Patriota Español (NPe)".
[¿Qué es La España en Marcha?, 28 August 2014]

Ivan Sache, 24 November 2018

Flag of LEM

Its distinctive flags are the Spanish flag with St. John's eagle, the yoke and arrows on a red and black background proper to Phalanxism, and the black flag charged with the Celtic cross."
[¿Qué es La España en Marcha?, 28 August 2014]

The coalition also uses a black flag with its proper emblem (photo).

Ivan Sache, 24 November 2018

Alianza Nacional

[Flag]         [Flag]

Flag of AN, two versions - Images by Tomislav Todorović, 11 October 2019

Alianza Nacional (National Alliance) is a national-socialist party established in 2005 as the successor of Alianza por la Unidad Nacional (Alliance for National Unity), itself founded in 1995.

The flag of AN (photo, photo, photo, photo, photo, photo) is red with the party's emblem in the center. The party sometimes uses a similar flag with a black background (photo, photo, photo, photo, photo).
As can be seen, the ratio may vary somewhat, usually being 2:3 or somewhat shorter (about 3:4), but may sometimes be even 1:1. The leaves are depicted in white with black midveins and outlines, each of the branches also having an outermost white fimbriation. According to the available online sources, this flag seems to have been used until 2010-2011, when its replacing with the current design was done; after that time, when two flags might have been seen together, only the red flag with black and white emblem has remained in use.

Ivan Sache & Tomislav Todorović, 11 October 2019

Movimiento Católico Español

[Flag]         [Flag]

Flag of the MCE, two versions - Images by Ivan Sache, 26 February 2019

The Movimiento Católico Español (MCE - Spanish Catholic Movement) was established on 25 January 1982 by José Luis Corra, as a splinter group from Fuerza Nueva. The main goal of the MCE is "to defend Spain's national and spiritual unity via the Roman Catholic religion". The National Chief José Luis Corra once said: "As far as unemployment is concerned, Mussolini, Hitler and Franco solved the issue". Among other oddities, he proposed a common army and currency for all Latin American countries.
Mostly visible in street demonstrations and commemorations of salient events of the Francoist period, the MCE actually has little popular support and no parliamentary representation.
[La Hemeroteca del Buitre]

The flag of the MCE (photo, photo, photo) is green with a Cross of Saint James in the center. The flag is also used with the movement's name written in red letters beneath the cross (photo, photo, photo).

Ivan Sache & José Carlos Alegría, 26 February 2019

Color variants

[Flag]         [Flag]

Flags used by the MCE, two versions - Images by Tomislav Todorović, 27 February 2019

The party flag in national colors, with yellow field instead of green was seen in Granada in April 2009. It was used, together with the common party flag and other flags in use, at the see of local branch of the party. The flag was seen again at La Garrofa, Almería, in August 2011. Much better photos, showing fully spread flags, could have been seen at the AJE website, but these are currently unavailable online. All these photos were made in Andalusia. It is possible that it was actually used as the banner of Saintt James, but that is yet to be verified, because it seems not to have been used by anyone else but MCE and/or AJE.

The flag variant with white field was seen in Madrid in May 2010. Just like with the flag with yellow field, it is yet to be verified if this flag was actually used as the banner of Saint James; in case of this flag, it seems more probable, considering that red cross on white field was (and still is) the emblem of the Order of Saint James.

Tomislav Todorović, 27 February 2019

Acción Juvenil Española

[Flag]         [Flag]

Flags of AJE, two versions - Images by Eugene Ipavec, 8 October 2010, and José Carlos Alegría, 14 September 2002, respectively

Acción Juvenil Española (AJE - Spanish Youth Action) is the youth branch of the MCE.
The flag of AJE (photo, photo, photo, photo) is blue, crossed diagonally with the colors of the Spanish flag (yellow/red/yellow) and the white letters "AJE". This seosng was also used, as a shiueld, on a white flag, reported in 2002 but, seemingly, no longer in use.

As expected, the MCE and AJE uses the Spanish flag charged with the St. John's eagle, that is the (banned) Francoist flag of Spain, and also a Spanish flag charged with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and, sometimes, a writing beneath the emblem (photo, photo).
They also use flags of the Phalanx and the Carlists jointly (photo, photo, photo, photo, photo), as they were used in Spain under Franco.

José Carlos Alegría, Esteban Rivera, Ivan Sache & Tomislav Todorović, 27 February 2019