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Code index for former countries

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In FOTW, in general, ISO 3166 codes are used to file pages and images. This is a list of codes for former countries that have pages on FotW. For those countries included in this list that at one point had ISO 3166-1 codes assigned to them, those former codes are shown, as well as the current 4-letter codes of the ISO 3166-3 list for formerly used names of countries.

Country ISO 3166 Comment
A 2 A 3 Nr. A 4
Austro-Hungarian Empire no ISO code
Czechoslovakia CS CSK 200 CSHH ISO 3166-1 code reassigned to Serbia and Montenegro
German Democratic Republic DD DDR 278 DDDE ISO 3166-1 code withdrawn
Netherlands Antilles AN ANT 530   ISO 3166-1 code transitionally reserved (12-2060)
Pacific Islands (Trust Territory) PC PCI 582 PCHH ISO 3166-1 code withdrawn
Serbia & Montenegro CS SCG 891 CSXX ISO 3166-1 code transitionally reserved (9-2056)
USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics SU SUN 810 SUHH ISO 3166-1 code transitionally reserved (9-2056)
Yugoslavia YU YUG 890
YUCS ISO 3166-1 code transitionally reserved (7-2053)