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Portuguese teaching and research institutions

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Most flags of universities in Portugal are all logos on plain background.
João Madureira, 10 Apr 2003


Universidade do Algarve
University of Algarve

UAlg flag
image by Jorge Candeias, 26 Mar 1998

The flag of my university, the University of Algarve is a blue logo-on-a-bedsheet with the University symbol in white at the centre. The wording "UNIVERSIDADE DO ALGARVE" is part of the symbol, so it is a necessary evil, so to speak. If I recall correctly, the meaning of the eccentric circles is related to the levels of activity of the institution (itself, the city, the region and the country) and to the expansion of the knowledge.
Jorge Candeias, 26 Mar 1998

As far as I can remember, the creator of the University symbol was Gomes Guerreiro [the first Dean of our Uni, JC] and the significance was rather related with the complexity of Life: cell, tissue, organ, organism and intelligence.
Frederico Cardigos, 24 Mar 1999


Instituto Superior de Agronomia
Superior Institute of Agronomy

ISA flag
image by João Madureira, 10 Apr 2003

Founded by decree the 16th December 1852 as Instituto Agrícola de Lisboa (Lisbon Agriculture Institute); after some time in which a veterinary school was adjoined to it, under the same of Instituto de Agronomia e Veterinária (Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary); the two were separated in 12th April 1911, this one moving to its current location at Tapada da Ajuda (in Lisbon). ISA is currently part of UTL (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa - Technical University of Lisbon). As a curiosity ISA is also the home of the oldest student union in Portugal, founded in 1911 as well. Website:
João Madureira, 10 Apr 2003

A flag flies outside the main building — it is the only one I’ve seen so far. I don’t believe it has an official status, but I could be wrong. It consists of the emblem of ISA plus "Instituto Superior de Agronomia" underneath it. Special attention should be payed, in my opinion to the emblem, and its strange bird-tree combination over the national arms. It’s surely the most curious symbol I’ve seen in portuguese flags for awhile. Also interesting the motto "HINC·PATRIAM·SUSTINET".
João Madureira, 10 Apr 2003

The motto «Hinc [facultas agronomica] patriam sustinet» means «Hence [the Agronomy Faculty] the Fatherland supports». The last word is stressed on the first syllable: "sústinet".
António Martins, 28 Sep 2004, quoting Gonçalo Neves


Bordered variant

ISA flag
image by João Madureira, 28 Sep 2004

I’ve seen a different flag design with the emblem only (without "Instituto Superior de Agronomia") on white but with a wide green border all around.
João Madureira, 21 Jun 2003


Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear
Technological and Nuclear Institute

ITN flag
image by Jorge Candeias, 25 Nov 2004

Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (ITN, or Technological and Nuclear Institute; with website here) in which takes place research and teaching in the field of nuclear energy, and where the only portuguese nuclear reactor (an old heavy water facility) operates. Its headquarters are just outside Lisbon, in the city of Sacavém, Loures municipality.

Recently, this institution made the news due to a EU inspection that detected some flaws in the monitoring of radioactive levels in materials used at the ITN. One of these news items was a newspaper article illustrated with a very light flag with a very dark logo. Since the logo at the site is black, I assumed it to be the colour of the logo in the flag, and as for the background, it’s almost certainly white.

Jorge Candeias, 25 Nov 2004


Universidade Moderna
“Modern” University

incomplete image!
UMod flag
image by Jorge Candeias, 27 Aug 2003

Universidade Moderna, Modern University, a private university with its main facilities in Lisbon and a few delegations spread throughout the country. It came under mediatic attention when a scandal involving its previous management broke out. Today, most of that management is under arrest, charged with fraud and several other white collar crimes. Ever since, this flag has been a constant sighting on the news.
Jorge Candeias, 27 Aug 2003

The flag is red with the symbol in white, consisting of the letters "UM" next to a stylized portion of a greek temple, over the full name of the institution and under its motto displayed in arc. Unfortunately, I was unable to find information about the motto, or images with a legible motto, so this image is, so far, incomplete.
Jorge Candeias, 27 Aug 2003

The symbol as found today in the university’s website is somewhat different, so some changes might have happened in the flag in the meanwhile. If so, however, they do not show up in the news.
Jorge Candeias, 27 Aug 2003


Instituto Superior das Novas Profissões
Superior Institute of New Professions

INP flag
image by Jorge Candeias, 29 Jul 2003

Instituto Superior das Novas Profissões (Superior Institute of New Professions), or INP, is a private school devoted to the teaching of «corporate sciences», as they define it. A curious soundbyte relates to the difference between the logical sigla, ISNP, and the one actually used: the institution changed its name. It was originally called simply "Instituto das Novas Profissões", and only recently added "Superior" to that.
Jorge Candeias, 29 Jul 2003

The flag it’s a white cloth with the logo of the institute in deep blue. This might be an erroneous depiction, and the flag might contain other elements, invisible in the photo source I used.
Jorge Candeias, 29 Jul 2003

It has a website at but I was unable to find any reference to the logo, and therefore cannot explain what it’s meant to stand for, if anything. It’s pleasing to the eye, made of one large disc and 15 discs half the size of the big one, but that’s all I can say about it.
Jorge Candeias, 29 Jul 2003

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