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Comoros flag in 1975-1978

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1975 Comoros flag
image by Vincent Morley, 29 Mar 1997
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About the flag

3 August 1975 a leftist coup d’etat of Ali Soilih take the power. New flag was adopted 12 November 1975. Was in use untill 13 May 1978.
Jaume Ollé, 30 Mar 1997

President Ahmed Abdallah was overthrown on 3 August by Ali Soilih, and a new flag was adopted. The red colour more probably refers to the Socialist orientation of the new President. Comoros were then a Democratic Republic.
Ivan Sache, 20 Apr 2002

According to an article in The Flag Bulletin [tfb] 174, in 1975, the top two thirds of the flag became red, to symbolism the Socialism of the regime. The positioning of the crescent and stars was altered: the crescent now faced the bottom left of the flag with the stars grouped in a diamond between its horns.
Stuart Notholt, 22 May 1997

This design was adopted shortly after independence in 1975, the symbolism is the same as in the former flag although one of the four main islands, Mayotte, remained under French rule. My source for this image is [ing79], where the proportions are stated to be 5:7.
Vincent Morley, 29 Mar 1997

CHUWA party used a flag similar to the 1975 Comorian national flag (horizontally divided red-green, 2:1) but with a thicker crescent and the four white stars placed vertically.
Ivan Sache, 18 Jul 2002

What was the connection between this party and the 1975-1978 Comorian regime? This flag shows the red-green field like the 1975-1978 flag but the stars in a vertical row like the 1978-1992 flag. Any significance in this, or purely concidental?
António Martins, 02 Dec 2005

Most sources (Smith [smi76], Lux-Wurm [lux01], a Comorian post stamp) confirms the flag as red over green with the stars forming a diamond. (Lux-Wurm [lux01], however, says the flag was 2:3, not 5:7.)
Ivan Sache, 20 Apr 2002

Erroneous depictions

Green over red

wrong 1975 KM flag
image by Ivan Sache, 20 Apr 2002

Calvarin [clv02] shows a weird flag, which might be the one reported by Crampton [cra90]. This flag is 5:7, horizontally divided green over red (2:1), with a white crescent poiting to the lower fly in canton and four white stars “inside” the crescent, forming a square.
Ivan Sache, 20 Apr 2002

This discription contradicts William Crampton [cra90]; it would appear that Mr Crampton has erred. We know from other examples that this is not impossible.
Stuart Notholt, 22 May 1997

White fimbriation

wrong 1975 KM flag
image by Ivan Sache and António Martins, 02 Dec 2005

These stamps (SG 182/83 and 198/99), both depict a flag with a red field occupying the upper 2/3 of the flag and a red field beneath. On the red part, near the hoist, is a white crescent with two rows of two five-pointed white stars in each row. The red and green fields are apparently separated by a thin white stripe.
Ron Lahav, 01 Feb 2005

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